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Mellow and Merry for Finals

These songs are not particularly sacred--the second is particularly irreverent-- but they are Old, and beautiful. Alas, I cannot find my CD's liner notes, which have all the information--including lyrics and translations, so much of this will have to come from memory and google. Here is perhaps the most legit website for the CD, from the site of the group that did the recording. They are called King's Singers, and are a male chorus that does mainly madrigals (especially in this CD) but also simple ballads.

Song #1 is called "Mignonne, Allons Voir Si La Rose," a French (!) simple ballad, sung with sort of a funny attitude towards those final "silent" e's that so often get pronounced in French vocal music. Its lyrics and translation are here, about a quarter of the way down the page, along with a scholarly discussion of them If you don't feel like following the link, in a nutshell, it is a baritone (with a beautiful, beautiful voice) singing (beautifully) to a woman that her youthful beauty will not last long, the same way a rose is beautiful only from dawn to dusk, and that she should reap it while she can.

Song #2 is called "La, la, la, Je ne l'ose dire," also French, but a madrigal. The lyrics are here, about three quarters of the way down the page. Essentially, the group is singing that there is a man in town whose wife is having an affair with everyone she sees, and therefore he is not jealous without cause.
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