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Ave Maris Stella - Dufay

Title: Ave Maris Stella
Composer(s): Plainchant hymn, setting by Guillame Dufay
Nature of recording: Male Solo, and mixed choir
Format: MP3 - Download | BBC Singers - Real Media Stream

Ave Maris Stella is a plainchant hymn to the Star of the Ocean, the Virgin Mary dating back at least to the ninth century.  This, however, is a medieval setting, composed by Guillaume Dufay [there is a picture of the line Summens illud Ave his entry].  Odd numbered strophes are sung in plainchant by the soloist, while the choir sings the even strophes. 

My particular recording is found on the Listen! Fifth Edition CD set.  My professor for my music history class (who is also one of the authors of the textbook) insisted that we learn to sing the hymn, and the tune ever more stuck in my head.  Plainchant and showers are an interesting combination.  This version sounds practically unearthly; the BBC Singers have a much stronger sound. 

More information: BBC Singers
Lyrics: Ave Maris Stella

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