Charles (kefiv) wrote in vocisancte,

Fiat polyphonia!

...or something. This is probably my favorite piece of music ever: "Sicut Cervus", the first (and better) half of a motet on Psalm 42, by the wonderful Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, once the choral director of St. Peter's Basilica and one of the masters of polyphony. "Sicut Cervus" is, I understand, one of his earlier works. It is a polyphonic motet in four parts. It's actually one of his "lesser" works, by which I mean it took me like two goddamn years to find a recording of it. So enjoy it, or I'll do horrible things to you with a rusty organ pipe.

Recording notes: I don't know who's doing the performing in this recording, but it's a men and boys choir, which is good as that's what it was written for. They go a little too fast and their consonants aren't too clear, but it's a damn sight better than the only other recording I've found, which features crazy dynamics, vibrato-crazy female altos, and other things that make the piece sound like Mendelssohn.</nerd>
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