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vocisancte's Journal

psallamus, "let us sing"
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You're here because you love sacred music of a certain flavor. Not Biblically-themed opera, not Jars of Clay, but polyphony, chants -- Old Songs.

Here's the deal! You post your favorite Latin masses, Tibetan chants, Sephardic ecstasies, Sufi devotionals, American shape-note choruses or whatever else transports you, and everyone else gets to experience something new and beautiful. I'd recommend using yousendit.com to host your files: it's temporary, lasting for either a week or 25 downloads, whichever comes first, and it's less of a hassle than uploading to your own webspace.

When you post, please indicate where you can:
Background: Describe the piece(s) -- where/when does it come from, what's its function, etc
Nature of recording: Is it vocal, instrumental, mixed? Is it a solo, group, chorus? Is it single-sex, children's, mixed?
Miscellaneous: Is there anything interesting you know about this piece? Do you have the lyrics for it?
Format: Not everyone has iTunes, so .mp3 files are preferable where possible to .m4a

If you have any questions, newredshoes is your friendly mod. Please don't make any posts that don't have music in them, to keep clutter down. Don't be stupid, and don't make wank, because comparative religion wank is never productive. Other than that, go to and enjoy!